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Features & Benefits

  • Compact, uniform design enables storage of up to 8400 samples in an upright -86°C freezer
  • Using our custom 21-cell box insert, the ProviasetteTM fits neatly into standard 5”x5”x2” cryo-boxes
  • Dual polymer construction prevents seizure of cap
  • Design reduces time for sample accessioning and manipulation
  • Shallow well enables quick access to samples
  • Internal struts help maintain tissue orientation of OCT-embedded and snap-frozen tissue samples
  • Multiple surfaces accept industry standard barcode labels
  • Flexible integration into biorepository management systems 95kPa certification complies with IATA guidelines

Improve tissue quality   •   Reduce cost   •   Eliminate lost or misplaced samples

About Provia

Provia Laboratories, LLC is a healthcare services company specializing in high quality biobanking. The company advises industrial, academic, and governmental clients on matters related to the preservation of biological specimens for research and clinical use.

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